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[For August 25th, 2012] Weiss Schwarz Forbidden/Restricted List

August 17, 2012

I didn’t expect a new banlist to pop out around this time (I don’t even know if they do it routinely) but looks like the people with decks affected by the banlist will be drowning in their own salt, especially if they just made their decks recently. I will only be covering the Neo-Standard list, but it seems like a lot of cards got banhammer’d in Standard as well.

Little Busters!

Restricted to 0:


Has been restricted for a while, and I hope that it stays that way. 1 stock to heal 2 is in no way balanced. Stupid good card LOL. This was the card that really kept Little Busters! topping for a while. Simply a god draw no matter what way you look at it.

Zero no Tsukaima

Only 1 of the following cards may be included up to 4 in your deck:


From left to right: ZM/W03-070ZM/WE13-05ZM/WE13-26

After seeing how many ZnT decks were in BCF2012 (11 ZnT players!), Bushiroad probably thought they should do something about it. These three cards were pretty core to a ZnT deck. The first card, an event, allows you to 1 for 1 upon play for ANY character in your waiting room. However, you get an additional brainstorm where if the mill is in your favor, you have +1’d off the 1 stock you payed. The second card is infamous for having an easy-as-hell condition for being able to be played at level 2. The last card helps you avoid your deck refresh damage as well as +1 by doing so. Not only that, it changes into the other level 3 of the deck. The three cards combined in a deck simply gave ZnT too much advantage, and so they restricted it so that the three cards could not co-exist and stir up more shitstorms. Smart move.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Only 1 of the following cards may be included up to 4 your deck:


From left to right: SY/W08-T08SY/W08-077SY/WE09-24

Welp. The changes for August 25th just completely wrecked the level 3 lineup for Haruhi decks! I believe the most meta choice out of the three would be the Haruhi, as the heal on play + climax combo burn is too good to pass up. However you sacrifice your level 2 powerhouse/healer Summer Festival Nagato for it. Should you choose any of the 2, you sacrifice field disruption with the 3/2 Nagato rearranger for it. Although the card is not worth running in a playset, it’s extremely good to have 1 or 2 of. But seeing as you can’t run any of these three in the same deck anymore, the deck loses a lot of its tricks. Sorry Haruhi, your deck is quite butchered up! >.< Looks like Haruhi players will have to go into being creative with their builds.

Also, in Standard, the 3/2 Haruhi and 3/2 Rearranger Nagato are completely down to 0. What gives?! I can sort of understand Haruhi but Nagato? @.@

Restricted to 0:


Was banned for a while. Too easy of a +1, grabbed a support too easily as well as give you 2 characters in hand. For the cost of a level 1 or higher on your field… Tell me what isn’t ridiculous about that.


Restricted to 2 per deck:


Disgaea.. Pretty retarded deck thanks to this card! Just 4 copies of this card can have you looping heals forever. You won’t even need another healing level 3 in your lineup. This is pretty much enough. Also grabs the 2/1 free refresh burn card if the situation calls for it. Too easy to toolbox with, and so it had to be brought down to 2.  I mean, the card practically MULTIPLIES, so it’s even alright if you have a small hand as long as you have Laharl in your hand. Disgaea is extremely good with developing stock which is perfect for abusing this card. Now that it is at 2, the deck got hurt but still remains quite powerful. After all, 2 is essentially most of the time all you really need. I believe there is even a 0/0 bond for this card, so no problem!

I should also point out it is banned (brought down to 0) in Standard now as well. Every single topping standard deck ran 4 of this and 4 of the Shining Force EXA 3/2 with burn 2k+1 combo.


Only 1 of the following may be included up to 4 in your deck:


From left to right: IM/S07-051IM/S07-090IM/S14-097

Idolmaster is a really diverse deck having one of the largest card pools Neo-Standard in Weiss. The first card is a card that will probably make most players pull out their hair if they played against it. Your opponent gets punished for using tapping effects against the Haruka, as well as practically guaranteeing the survival of one of them should you have 2 on the field. Now although the 1/0 Haruka isn’t particularly strong on your turn, you have a climax combo that salvages and adds random power to your Harukas. I mean, being a wall and all, the stock building potential was crazy. The second card is a runner, that checks the top deck for you, with 2.5k base power, with an extremely weak drawback (which doesn’t minus you)… That really says a lot about how good the card is. The last card is a heal counter with a 1 stock for 1 cost ratio along with 2k power. That’s an above average card, quite. Although the deck isn’t particularly immensely top-tier, It’s a good thing that these 3 cards are not allowed to co-exist anymore as no one knows where Idolmaster could go with the new booster set! Idolmaster really doesn’t have a problem with the banlist in my opinion as they have tons of options with their big card pool. Hopefully now Idolmaster decks can experiment a lot more instead of splashing the best cards from every set.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Restricted to 0:


Ah. Cordelia’s flower garden. 1 stock for 1 heal ratio is already decent. But then the random 3k? That makes it quite good. For a deck like Milky Holmes which is quite good at looping heals thanks to the 0/0 that bonds for a heal as well as a climax combo with a gate that allows salvage for any detective on attack… It helped the deck really top consistently with their raw power, easy resource farming ability and above all survivability. Don’t see this card coming back anytime soon!

To Aru Majutsu no Index

Only 1 of the following may be included up to 4 in your deck:


From left to right: RG/W13-062RG/W13-056RG/W10-031ID/W10-084

Well. Railgun got raped by the Banlist.. At first glance. Certainly the deck has lost lots of its power for having to choose between these 4 cards in the set, however do remember that there are replacements for most of them. The 2/1 Mikoto can be replaced by the Uiharu change making you just play the 3/2 MisaKuro from hand instead. The 1/1 Kuroko is the strongest card to be hit in the set because it’s a ridiculous clock bond target, but easier to replace than Kiyama (global level support). Even though the clock bond is one of the strongest advantage-gaining cards in the set, you can replace it with stuff like 1/1 7k vanilla. Advantage-wise the deck suffers but you already acquire decent advantage already. I feel that it can really afford to be replaced, even though that’s about 6-8 cards in your deck to switch out. Some feel that Kiyama could be replaced by the 0/1 support but I really don’t think so. Kiyama really ups the survivability of your entire field in the late-game like no other cards. 13k on the side is extremely frightening as it burns your opponents resources like crazy, and IN MY OPINION, should be the one kept out of all the 4. And about Heaven’s Canceller, it’s really good but not worth sacrificing the level support for. But that’s just me. You can have strong characters that don’t need encore often or you can have medium-power characters that have ditch encore.

TL;DR, Railgun is still a pretty good deck. It’s just that you probably won’t be seeing it top as much anymore.

Restricted to 2 per deck:


Was restricted to 2, nothing has changed. A consistent full hand-burn field (with high power/support synergy, change and heals to boot) is too frightening to see. I do hope that the card stays at 2.


Restricted to 0:


Well it comes as no surprise that a card with such an abusable hand destruction effect would be forbidden completely in Standard. However, this card really wasn’t too big of a problem in Neo-Standard, so the banning is quite questionable. It’s probably just a sign from Bushiroad promising to never integrate hand-destruction as a spammable mechanic.

Shining Force

Restricted to 0:


An extremely, extremely good card. 1 per-turn 1k buff to one of your characters once it’s attacked is very good as your opponent must go 1k or more over your character in order to go for a safe kill, or lose 1 in order to run over the other 2. Not only that, there is a heal effect that can became spammable if your opponent cancels a lot. 2 stock for a 1 heal is ok, but it doesn’t use up any cards from your hand. Not bad I must say, although Shining Force EXA wasn’t topping a lot so I don’t really understand why the deck got hit so hard.

Hopefully this banlist invites deck innovation in the decks that were hit. Because of the power loss in many of the decks that topped, expect other series to find their way into tournament standings. Oh, and Angel Beats! after the release of the next booster cough, is a likely top contender, along with Madoka and Symphogear. And, if you’re still really salty about the changes, move on and just adapt to the beginning of this new age of Weiss Schwarz.

That’s all folks, enjoy the last few days of the format! You’re free to play your imba deck still until August 25th so do take advantage of that =]

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